The Vicar and the Tradesman



The Vicar and the Tradesman

Blog, 5 July 2017

The bonus platform of 20% for bankers is a shining example of symbolic politics, with which the Netherlands' chance of reinforcing the banking sector from London is evaporating. Hence, no economic boost. We are missing out on associated corporate activity, such as new businesses moving in, bringing tax revenue. Victory for the Vicar.

The island syndrome of our British friends (everything is better here and leave us alone) is driving the exodus of a substantial number of significant financial and European institutions. While the banking world will opt for Frankfurt or Paris, European institutions will base their choice on political manoeuvrings.

If you want to make sure you count in the international business community, then good advice is indispensable. The Netherlands boasts a large number of professionals in the field of employment conditions (compensation & benefits). These specialists are highly skilled in designing balanced systems that eliminate excesses while ensuring that real added value is rewarded.

What is needed are people who dare to argue for the price that market function commands and make it clear that rewarding added value is perfectly justifiable. Maes & Lunau is continually selecting intelligent, outspoken directors and top professionals who say it like it is and can tell the sense from the nonsense.

Mattijs Kropholler

Managing Partner
Maes & Lunau Executive Search