Tower of Babel



Tower of Babel

Blog, 27 November 2014

A series of incidents among management and supervisory bodies, widely reported in the media, is dictating political decisions. The result is a range of legislation and regulations designed to appease the masses. For example, regulation of existing control mechanisms has tightened in recent years. This piling up of regulatory and monitoring agencies has produced great uncertainty about who is responsible for what and who should be monitored by whom. One of the outcomes of this is that managing directors are sometimes unjustly, and mistakenly, made the scapegoat.

Politicians are easily swayed by public opinion, when they should instead base their decisions on knowledge of the situation and some insight.

At the same time, managing directors and supervisory directors have a meaningful role to play by speaking openly and unequivocally about the relevance or irrelevance of popular, but baseless, opinions about oversight, pay and compensation. They should also be more vocal about the feasibility of the expectations of some (e.g. politicians), who are making unrealistic or excessive demands on care institutions, housing associations and other public entities.

Maes & Lunau recognises and values that special quality in people at the top that makes them unafraid to speak their minds and tell people what they plan to do and then follow through on that.

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