Love is blind



Love is blind

Blog, 30 September 2015

Large groups of companies with objectives in keeping with their size and commendable ideals are actually just like government ministries: big, unwieldy, ambitious, visible and vulnerable.

In such groups, you may then find yourself blind to this reality, and it may transpire that your pride in those clean diesel engines you've been producing in-house is misplaced. Or you're genuinely convinced that everything is under control when it comes to publishing photos of a socially sensitive nature or how tight the financial control is of the organisations entrusted to you.

If you're so full of good intentions about what you’d like to be and what you’d like to achieve, then you'll easily overlook a couple of essential things. For instance, it won’t occur to you that some people aren't particularly adept at estimating the possible consequences of their actions or that you’re being lax when it comes to complying with the rules and regulations. If you're at the top of the pyramid, with a resolute belief in your mission (indeed, you might be in love with it), and therefore have complete faith in your own organisation, you won't want or be able to believe that there are employees whose actions are in conflict with your intended ideal.

Trust is good, but how do you see to it that everyone is working towards the same goals and infused with the same sense of shared responsibility for accomplishing what it is your business or organisation wants to achieve? Firstly, by reading Kafka’s works and, secondly, by introducing checks and balances and remaining critical of yourself and your organisation.

As the boss, how do you stop yourself from losing sight of the motives of your managers and all those reporting to them? At the very least, by appointing managers who communicate clearly, who are honest and transparent, and who don't believe in make-believe. Maes & Lunau introduces people like this to our clients. Even our candidates make waves now and then, and we like it that way, but we're not in love.

Mattijs Kropholler
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