Smoke and mirrors



Smoke and mirrors

Blog, 12 June 2017

Appearances can be deceiving. An initial attempt at forming a cabinet ends with participants affable, but smiling mysteriously about the failure. All information from the Kremlin appears to have been provided by a "Ministry of Disinformation & Deception". The success of the German car industry is portrayed as a plot against the biggest consumer market in the world. Democratic mechanisms are deployed to give an autocratic president more power.

Were the British elections perhaps a subtle attempt by the Prime Minister to reverse Brexit? After all, she was very much against it, wasn't she?

In the world of instant news, ever-more cunning communication strategies abound, resulting in a mix of fact and fiction. Authentic, outspoken and, above all, honest leadership appears to be winning in France and Ireland, though. Signs of hope? Or are we in for a disappointment?

Organisations that champion political correctness risk running aground in purely politically desirable answers. Are "correct" answers the new lies?

Saying what you think and then acting on it are dominant qualities that Maes & Lunau seeks in new leaders for our clients.


Mattijs Kropholler
Managing Partner
Maes & Lunau Executive Search