Our vision

We always go that little bit further; we go beyond the obvious. Because every organisation needs inspiring leaders with unifying qualities and a clear vision. As an executive search firm, we want to and must make an important contribution to this; we want to help organisations improve. This begins with understanding where the organisation wants to go. We want to get to know and feel the culture, the people and the organisation. We then start working with a crystal clear profile, based on which we assess candidates. We help at the start of the new appointment and we keep in touch long after the ideal candidate has begun.


Insights in search

Our process is transparent. We say what we do and we do what we say. We never give up. We hear and see many things and we relay this to our candidates and clients. We provide Insights in Search. Sometimes we’re headstrong because we think that a different choice will be more successful. In cases like these, we’ll sit down with you and have a good talk.


Your success is our motivation

This is what we’ve been doing, and doing well, for 40 years, as we feel responsible for the success of the client and the candidate. This can only happen with professional, passionate people with knowledge, skill and true commitment. This is our approach to getting results for people and organisations. We believe that the talent and drive people have is the source for success. For us, nothing is more beautiful than the combined success of our clients and candidates.