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Ramon de Kok

After gaining extensive experience as a candidate and as a client of executive search firms for many years, Ramon de Kok transitioned to Maes & Lunau in mid-2022. As an HR professional and HR director at IBM, Nike, Mexx International, Etam Groep, and de Bijenkorf, he has acquired significant experience and worked closely within executive teams in the areas of strategy formation, leading business, and dynamic group dynamics. At Maes & Lunau, he will leverage his extensive network and knowledge to serve clients in the dynamic world of consumer goods en retail.


Based on his 30 years of experience, Ramon has a special interest in team effectiveness at the top of the organization. “In my experience, when a new executive is sought, it’s often one-on-one interviews, and the focus is mainly on the knowledge and skills and the personality of the candidate. However, there is much less consideration for how the candidate interacts within the larger context of an executive team. Yet, this is essential in crisis situations. After all, the success and failure of a company start at the top. For example, discussions in executive teams can be inefficient because executive members approach a theme very differently. One may be emotionally invested, while another is rational, and they may not connect, leading to politics and references to rank.”

According to Ramon, during a search for a new executive, introspection by the hiring executive team is crucial because it leads to improved, optimal decision-making, thereby increasing everyone’s effectiveness within the organization.

This, in turn, positively impacts both the executive team and the organization as a whole. Ramon also advocates for more attention to be given to onboarding the chosen candidate. Typically, there is insufficient time for this at both executive search agencies and the client. According to de Kok, this is a mistake: “After-service” is very important and valuable, as I have learned in the world of consumer goods and retail. This applies to both the purchase of a device and the placement of a candidate. Ultimately, the ambition of an executive search agency should be to be the client’s “trusted advisor.” I have a strong belief in that.”