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Logistics & Supply Chain

Sustainability, process optimization through data and ICT, agility, leadership, and digitalization are the themes currently shaping the logistics landscape. This has implications for logistics service providers, main ports like Schiphol and the Port of Rotterdam, postal and parcel delivery companies, cooperative auctions, and public transportation companies. In the battle for customers, companies in the sector will need to operate more efficiently than ever before. This requires a different kind of leadership: individuals with an understanding of globalization, e-commerce, online platforms, ICT, and a clear vision of how these trends lead to changing business models. These are specific qualities that Maes & Lunau quickly identifies thanks to its extensive track record in the logistics industry. Maes & Lunau leverages an international network with a pool of talent from Europe, Asia, and the United States.

Through executive search in the logistics sector and executive search in the supply chain sector, Maes & Lunau’s professionals search for the perfect candidates. In addition to permanent positions, Maes & Lunau also facilitates interim management in the logistics sector and interim management in the supply chain sector.