Interim Management

Acute problems and issues require acute solutions. Preferably by pure professionals. They know exactly what needs to be done based on extensive knowledge and years of specialised experience. The Dutch job market for very experienced specialists offers many opportunities. In recent years, the organisations have become narrower at the top and the number of people reporting directly to the manager has increased. This means that many incredibly qualified people are immediately available and extremely effective. 


Many of these professionals are resigned to the fact that there is no permanent job available for them. They do not need it (anymore) either. They feel that high-quality projects with a great impact and results are much more interesting. Besides: what is a permanent position? In recent years, the dynamics of the profit and non-profit sector have compared well with permanent employment. Consequently, many top managers are no longer looking for their ‘next’ permanent job, but for challenging projects in which they can effectively use their wealth of knowledge and experience. Thanks to the manageable duration and the objectives of such interim jobs for periods of 4 to 16 months for example, the professional is optimally inspired and strongly focused on the result.


Having had a prominent position in the market for executives for many years, Maes & Lunau has an extensive pool of top people covering the entire range of general and functional management positions. Our work relates to the appointment of statutory directors, an area associated with many legal and financial risks, in partnership with Custom Management, the best company in this field. For all functional disciplines, we also have contacts with the best people in the market. They move independently and can handle the most complex assignments together with the existing management. We do not believe in shadow management. 

The interim manager is qualified enough to resolve the problems with the existing management. When we receive a request to select candidates for an interim role, all 16 professionals at Maes & Lunau are mobilised to select the five best candidates for the issue identified. The client knows within 24 hours whether Maes & Lunau has candidates available for the interim role. The three best candidates are introduced within 24 hours and shortly afterwards the most suitable candidate can start work. 

We invoice the client a one-off fee. The interim manager invoices the client directly and signs the contract with or without our help. We obviously keep our finger on the pulse.

For more information, you can call any consultant at Maes & Lunau.

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