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Consumer Goods & Retail

Ultimately, it’s all about winning the favor of the customer. What do they think of your company and your product? This holds true for both the consumer goods (FMCG) and retail industries. The line between online and offline is nearly nonexistent. Customer experience knows no boundaries, and customers are not hesitant to voice their opinions.

In today’s global economy, there are countless national and international challenges. From the supply chain, with the origin of your raw materials and production at its core, to the logistics required to serve customers promptly. Transparency is expected, along with a sharp and fair price, aligning with an increasingly sustainability-focused consumer and brand policy. This means that high-quality leadership and expertise at the intersection of sales, digitization, marketing, finance, supply chain, sustainability, human resources, and creativity/innovation are crucial.

You want to attract motivated, proud employees. These employees determine your growth potential in this industry. In a highly competitive job market, your culture plays a crucial role in whether you can successfully address the current challenges. Maes & Lunau executive search finds the leaders for you, anywhere in the world, who are a good fit for a healthy future.