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Chief Legal Officer

Increased transparency, the arrival of the GDPR, the importance of compliance and faster interaction make companies increasingly vulnerable. As a result, the risk of technicalities, wrong legal structures and unclear relationships in companies remaining unnoticed for a long time has become small. Active and involved shareholders, private equity as well as wealthy competition keep management alert. With the Chief Legal Officer as the main player.


In recent years, the role of Chief Legal Officer in industry has rapidly developed into a position with a proactive character. Because it is the task of this Chief Legal Officer to explain the risks, possibilities and impossibilities of various scenarios and strategies. Within existing restrictions, the Chief Legal Officer indicates what the options are and how objectives can be achieved, instead of stating later where and when things went wrong. As an executive search firm, we are keen to make an important contribution to finding the perfect person for the position of Chief Legal Officer. 

Finding a Chief Legal Officer

Our search as an executive search firm for a Chief Legal Officer starts by understanding where the organisation wants to go. We then get to know the culture, people and the organisation. To be able to find the perfect candidate, we develop a crystal clear profile based on the hard and soft skills that a Chief Legal Officer must have. Have we found a candidate? We then help them with their onboarding and keep in touch until long after the ideal candidate has started work. And we do not keep our insights to ourselves. We like to share our years of experience with clients and candidates. Together we can then achieve better results.

Expertise in different sectors

We have extensive experience in different sectors such as E-commerce & E-business, Private EquityLogistics & Supply Chain and Industry & Automotive. Our senior executive search consultants are experienced professionals from industry and the public sector. This means we are perfectly able to identify the right knowledge and experience for your sector. Discover all the sectors in which we operate.

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Are you looking for a new Chief Legal Officer? Use our expertise to find the perfect candidate. We will be happy to advise you over a coffee.