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Industry & Automotive

3D printing, the Internet of Things, big data, advanced robots: new, disruptive technologies are currently forcing companies in the automotive industry to drastically reconsider their business models and processes. More and more companies are recognizing that customer experience (CX) is crucial for success in the market. They must respond promptly to changing needs. New ICT and data concepts play a significant role in this.

Climate change and the associated energy transition also contribute to change. Sustainability is no longer a matter of debate but a prerequisite for the survival of the automotive industry. Accelerating time to market, acquiring new competencies and skills are, therefore, essential to successfully navigate this transition.


Executive search for automotive

These changes are also altering the structure of companies. Agility, multi-disciplinary teams, and servant leadership are necessary to respond quickly to changes. This not only leads to greater efficiency but also faster decision-making and higher productivity. Managers with these specific qualities are in short supply. Therefore, Maes & Lunau’s executive search for automotive does not limit itself to options within national borders. With the help of years of experience and an extensive network in Europe, Asia, and the United States, they find the perfect candidate.