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Industry & Automotive

3D printing, the internet of things, big data, advanced robots: new, disruptive technologies force industrial companies to review their business models and processes radically. More and more companies are finding that the customer experience determines their success in the market. They need to respond quickly to changing needs, with new ICT and data concepts playing an important role.

In response to this transition, the organisation of companies changes too. Agility, multi-disciplinary teams and serving leadership are necessary to be successful. Ultimately, this leads to faster decision making, greater efficiency and higher productivity. In the automotive industry, climate and the related energy transition are no longer in question but a precondition for the sector’s survival. Accelerating time to market, new competencies and skills are essential to navigate this transition. An extensive network in Europe, Asia and the US helps Maes & Lunau quickly find excellent candidates for both industrial and automotive organisations.