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Energy & Utilities

The energy transition is in full swing and clear successes are already being achieved. To be able to survive, traditional energy companies will need to switch faster from fossil to renewable energy sources. However, existing coal-powered and gas-fired power plants are a substantial balance sheet item. Decentralised generation of renewable energy is the future. Thanks to developments relating to ‘smart grids’, consumers are increasingly becoming producers of energy (e.g. the increasingly popular solar panels).

At the same time, fossil fuels (particularly inexpensive and relatively clean gas) are expected to stay relevant for a long time. Nevertheless, the energy transition is necessary and urgent, so more efforts and difficult choices must be made. Industry is aware of its essential role in this and is negotiating intensively with national and local government, with infrastructure companies such as suppliers and distributors, as well as with airports and seaports. Maes & Lunau has been operating in this world of energy for decades.  We understand what expertise, passion, and dedication are needed to successfully navigate the energy transition. Thanks to our global talent pool with connections in Europe, Asia, and America, Maes & Lunau recruits the executives who will further advance this sector.