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Chief Human Resources Officer

Organisations which are successful in arranging and updating their basic HR processes have a great advantage compared with their competitors. Because when an HR department does not need to look at these processes, it can focus on matters that make a difference. The ‘war for diverse talent’, the company’s position on the job market, the employee journey and selecting internal and external candidates. But there is also the question: will HR exist in its current form in several years’ time? Or will it involve more data analysis and adopting an advisory role to the management to achieve results through people?


The tasks of a Chief Human Resources Officer, or chief HRO or CHRO, go further than attracting, selecting and assessing new talent. This position is also about addressing strategic initiatives such as mergers, acquisitions, talent management and diversity. A strong CHRO knows how to monitor the organisational culture and safeguard the industrial relations, job relations and terms of employment. But above all, responding alertly to the changing job market is a continuous process. As an executive search firm, we are keen to make an important contribution to finding the perfect person for the position of CHRO. A candidate who keeps pace with the developments.

Finding a CHRO

The search for a CHRO starts for us all with studying and understanding what course the organisation wants to take. We then get to know the people, culture and organisation so that we can assess candidates based on a crystal clear profile. Have we found the ideal candidate? We then support them with their onboarding and continue to be involved until long after the candidate has started work. And we do not keep everything we learn from this process to ourselves. So, our clients and candidates always benefit from our years of experience. The main goal being: achieving better results together.

Expertise in different sectors

We have extensive experience in different sectors such as Culture & Recreation, Healthcare and Technology & Telecommunications . Our senior executive search consultants are experienced professionals from industry and the public sector. This means we are perfectly able to identify the right knowledge and experience for your sector. Discover all the sectors in which we operate.

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