Leadership Development demands a bold approach and solutions!

The world is changing more and more rapidly. Leaders need to deal with globalisation, technologisation, disruption and, as we are currently seeing, even with major health risks. The consultants at Maes & Lunau help private and public clients make the right choices at the right moment. We want to be a partner for Executive Boards and supervisory bodies when it comes to leadership development: working together on the right solutions for long-term growth.

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Maes & Lunau consultants are trained to support candidates in the first year of their onboarding. After all, the first year is usually a period in which both the new employer and the candidate need to get used to each other. This requires empathy from both sides. We support the employer and candidate in that process. 

Good supervisors

Looking for top management starts with good supervisors. In 2020, Maes & Lunau joined forces with leadership and training institute Avicenna on a training for future supervisors. The rules of governance as well as the personal role in the boardroom are addressed in this Supervisor Training.

We are increasingly asked to put teams together based on specific assessment tools. Our consultants are qualified to make this selection, because assessing individuals and teams is a key element of our work. In this process, we work closely with external professional parties such as Jonathan Warner.

The result is that the Maes & Lunau consultants, the candidates and the clients work together on a long-term partnership. We want to be a trusted partner for supervisors and CEOs and boards of (family) businesses and public organisations.

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