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E-commerce & E-business

Disruption of existing business seems to have become the new normal. Entire industries are being reinvented, and existing business models receive a significant boost by incorporating digital technologies into established practices such as innovative distribution techniques, communication, planning, and sales methods. Some sectors have embraced this transformation and are now growing with the help of digital and e-commerce activities. Many startups have faded away, but the successful ones are often incredibly successful compared to traditional players in the industry.


Looking at Fintechs versus traditional banks and digital taxi platforms compared to taxi companies with in-house drivers and vehicles on the balance sheet, “Pure Players” have taken prominent positions on the global stage and are changing industries at their core. However, they also prove to be vulnerable to unexpected disruptions (like Covid-19). Some are profitable and continue to thrive, while others hold the promise of success but incur losses and see their stock prices skyrocket. With the entire world now accessible through technology, companies can achieve significant economies of scale. Fully digital business propositions (think of companies like, Uber, and many Fintech examples) appear to be the future, causing entire industries to potentially become less relevant overnight. Competition can emerge swiftly from unexpected sources, forcing companies to critically assess their business propositions and take rapid action and investments. Will these ever yield profits? More and more industries are experimenting with combinations of traditional sales channels and e-commerce. It all revolves around the efficiency of the logistics chain and maximizing website visit conversion. Expertise and knowledge play a crucial role in this.

E-commerce and executive search

Thanks to our talent pool from Europe, Asia, and the United States, Maes & Lunau has been successful for years in matching the right individuals, whether from within the country or internationally, with organizations making the transition to the digital realm. Maes & Lunau achieves these successful matches in the e-commerce sector by seeking the perfect candidates through executive search.