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E-commerce & E-business

Disruption to existing business seems to have become the new normal. Entire industries are reinvented, existing business formulas are given a huge incentive by adding digital techniques to existing practices. Examples are innovative distribution and communication techniques, planning and sales methods.

Some sectors have embraced this innovation and are now growing with the help of these digital and e-commerce activities. Many start-ups have failed but other companies have been extremely successful in relation to existing classic players. Examples are fintechs versus banking institutions, digital taxi platforms versus classic tax companies, with employed drivers and cars in the balance sheet. These ‘pure players’ change the commercial essence of sectors. At the same time, they have also shown their vulnerability when faced with unexpected tsunamis such as COVID-19.

Nevertheless, partly thanks to their scale, digital business propositions do seem to be the future. In response, more and more sectors are experimenting with combinations of the traditional sales channel and e-commerce. In that case, the focus is on the efficiency of the logistics chain and achieving the highest possible conversion of website visits. Maes & Lunau has a successful track record in this digital world and can help traditional sectors make the transition to ‘digital’.