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CEO / Chief Executive Officer

No position has a greater impact on an organisation’s success than that of the CEO, the Chief Executive Officer. The profile must be perfectly in line with the strategy and plans of the organisation, regardless of whether the CEO is promoted internally or is recruited externally. The impact of a new CEO takes the organisation to the next level, enabling corporate ambitions to be achieved. Specific skills are required to motivate and inspire the entire team or attract new talent. In addition, the new leader must be able to understand, strengthen and change the organisational culture. A seamless connection with the company is often the starting point for change, with the CEO thinking not only in terms of shareholder value but also in terms of social value.


A clear vision, inspiring leadership and the ability to connect are the most important qualities that a Chief Executive Officer must possess as the standard bearer of an organisation – regardless of the size of the organisation or the industry in which it operates. In addition, the CEO must play a role in the value proposition of a company, focusing not only on shareholder management but, equally importantly, on stakeholder management. That requires passion and professionalism on the one hand and the right knowledge, skills and genuine commitment on the other. Real leadership determines the difference between success and failure. We are convinced of that. As an executive search firm, we are keen to make an important contribution to finding the perfect person for the position of Chief Executive Officer. 

The search for a Chief Executive Officer

Finding a CEO starts by understanding which course the organisation wants to take. We then get to know the people, culture and organisation so that we can assess candidates based on a crystal clear profile. We supervise their onboarding and continue to be involved until long after the ideal candidate has started work. Everything we learn from this process is shared. So, our clients and candidates always benefit from our years of experience. The main goal being: achieving better results together.

Expertise in different sectors

We have extensive experience in different sectors such as Agri & Life Sciences, E-commerce & E-business and Not for Profit & Government. Our senior executive search consultants are experienced professionals from industry and the public sector. This means we are perfectly able to identify the right knowledge and experience for your sector. Discover all the sectors in which we operate.

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