Media & Entertainment

Younger generations of media consumers are increasingly deciding for themselves when they want to watch something through channels such as YouTube and Netflix. This very fact is affecting broadcasting companies, radio stations and media agencies, which are now having to transform themselves from traditional media institutions into modern media companies. The publishing world is also seeing its major traditional players struggling with online developments, resulting in slim-lined operations and disappearing titles. Casinos and lotteries are also experiencing the effects of the globalised gambling world: new players are entering the market and monopolies are disappearing. For media and entertainment companies, Maes & Lunau finds managers with a modern management style and a feel for the times.

Some examples of completed assignments in this sector:


Institute for Sound and Vision

Media Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors


Managing Director


Managing Director



Medical scientific journal

Commercial Director

Retailer of books, magazines and stationery

Managing Director Netherlands

US distributor of home entertainment

Financial Operations Director

American publisher of magazines and books