Professional & Financial Services

With developments in fintech, disruptive technologies such as blockchain and the growing possibilities of artificial intelligence, the financial services industry is faced with major changes. More and more financial service providers are deciding to cut a considerable percentage of their workforce. Commercial service providers are also struggling with disruptive technology but, as personal relationships still play an important role, these providers can to a certain degree withstand the developments in e-commerce and e-business. The question is, however, how long traditional earning models will remain tenable: rapid developments in artificial intelligence are threatening heavily overstaffed services in the accountancy and legal sectors, for instance. Consequently, the bar is being raised higher and higher for executives. A fundamentally new vision and approach is needed. Maes & Lunau can advise you and put you in contact with the professionals you’re looking for.

Some examples of completed assignments in this sector:

Chief Information Officer

Foundation with a social purpose in financial services

Chief Digital Innovation Officer

Top 3 employment agency in the Netherlands

European HR Director

Rental of professional equipment

Supervisory Board member

A medium-sized health insurer

Members of the Supervisory Board and Managers

One of the largest Dutch banks

Chief Institutional Business / Member Executive Committee

One of the largest pension administrators

Office Director

Law firm in South of Holland

Member of the Board of Directors

Law and notaries office in the East of Holland

Chief Financial Officer

Employment and posting agency

Members of the Supervisory Board

Funeral Insurance company