Maes & Lunau advocates for the advancement of diversity and inclusion

At Maes & Lunau executive search, we actively strive for an inclusive company culture and a diverse workforce. We are committed to promoting the participation of various demographic groups in our society. Extensive research on this subject, consistently demonstrates that a diverse workforce has measurable positive effects on business performance.


As an executive search agency, we embrace this crucial theme. Therefore, we have signed the ‘Charter Diversity in Business’ in 2022, an initiative supported by the Social and Economic Council (SER). This initiative aims to foster more diversity and inclusion in work organizations by working with employers and employees to cultivate an open organizational culture characterized by acceptance, respect, equal treatment, and fair opportunities. As one of approximately 500 signatories, we hope that this number will significantly increase in the coming years. Together, we can contribute to the development of an inclusive job market.


Additionally, we have endorsed the ‘Executive Search Code’ by Talent to the Top. This code acknowledges the crucial role that (executive) search agencies play in promoting diversity in top positions. At Maes & Lunau, we contribute to both the business and societal goals, striving for more women in leadership positions. Moreover, we are affiliated with SER Topvrouwen, which makes highly qualified women visible by including them in the database of top women, thus boosting the advancement of women to top positions.


In 2023 we succeeded in filling 42% of the approximately 130 positions entrusted to us with women. These results showcase our dedication to creating a diverse and inclusive professional environment.


more than just executive search

At Maes & Lunau, we remain committed to promoting diversity and inclusion, eagerly anticipating a future where we collectively strive for an equitable and representative labour market.