Envy and greed



Envy and greed

Blog, 13 April 2015

These two ugly traits are truly raising their heads in the increasingly heated discussion about senior executive pay and that of “normal” staff.

In our free western economy, the emphasis is on profit and loss and added value. If you deliver added value, you get paid. A postman has clear added value and should be realistically remunerated for their work. A top director who implements and bears final responsibility for a reorganisation that makes a company healthy again so it can survive has considerable added value. The fact that their salary is higher than that of the postman is very normal and easy to defend.

A CEO turning down their well-earned bonus so that they have more negotiating room during collective bargaining negotiations is an anomaly driven by an impulse to give in to the feelings of envy expressed by those who have provided less added value.

It certainly is a disgrace that some senior executives, driven by greed and a total lack of decency or standards, have lined their pockets, but that situation is entirely separate from the high levels of compensation that have been justifiably awarded based on demonstrable results.

Maes & Lunau will continue uninhibited to find top managers for companies and institutions who are worthy of being royally rewarded for their stellar performance.

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