Everything and everyone is corrupt. Or are they?



Everything and everyone is corrupt. Or are they?

Blog, 17 February 2016

The politically set standards for CO2 emissions, for example, are far from always being feasible in reality. So industry comes up with something smart in order to live with the political wishful thinking, but hopefully their research into more environmentally-friendly production does continue.

Ultimately, fierce lobbying leads to (vague) solutions that have to meet the expectation that the problem is high on the agenda and has everyone's full attention.

Large-scale bribery practices in the international business world can apparently be bought off. Consequently, there is no prosecution but also no search for the truth. A Dutch listed company got away with this. Is this buying off or bribery?

Apparently a legally imposed financial settlement for a similar way of doing business is completely acceptable. Is buying off bribery corrupt? It is quite complicated to explain this to all the newcomers in Europe who have to find their way among our good and evil.

The numbers of premature deaths caused by excessive CO2 emissions will probably have been fiddled with as well. And if that were the case, in whose interest would that be?

Nothing is what it seems. The only compass is your personal standards and your own integrity. The consultants from Maes & Lunau are therefore always looking for honesty in their candidates.

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