Room to manoeuvre and successful innovation

Blog, 16 May 2014

Modern leaders sense the spirit of the times and can mobilise intelligence and originality in their organisations. Such organisations include innovative companies like Nike, Google, Amazon, and – closer to home – the Netherlands Forensics Institute (NFI),,, Schiphol Group and the Port of Rotterdam, even a hospital like Radboudumc. In addition to these large organisations, there are countless SMEs with a highly innovative agenda.

Although innovation is stimulated by government committees and consultative bodies, modern leaders who create space for new ideas and originality are of greater influence. And in our view they do not necessarily have to be young leaders. They just have to be leaders who don't adopt the old paradigms. It is the modern leaders who instil confidence and know how to create an environment in which people can take visionary output to work on whatever innovation and progress is needed.

The demand for this kind of leadership is particularly high in the retail, professional services, transport & logistics, energy, automotive and telecom industries. These sectors are under intense pressure from the app revolution, which continues to build further on the internet developments of recent years.

Maes & Lunau has noticed a high demand for leaders who understand how to successfully embed innovation in an organisation.

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