Cyber crime and openness



Cyber crime and openness

Blog, 16 February 2015

Corruption in business is as old as doing business itself. In addition to the time-honoured traditions of bribery and kickbacks, a new, modern form of criminality has crept into the boardroom. Hacks by cyber criminals can have far-reaching consequences and are a real threat to successful businesses.

As soon as you have your transparency, ethics and 'code of conduct' all arranged, along come these uninvited guests, invading your company through your flashy website or booming e-commerce platform!

'Sophisticated intelligence' is becoming increasingly important for businesses and institutions, and not only in terms of doing business in another political and cultural context, but also in terms of digital integrity and security.

E-commerce and interactive websites can expose the connection to the heart of the business core and possibly make it more vulnerable because it is potentially more accessible. Cyber security is a rapidly growing field for serious businesses. Maes & Lunau can refer you to expert chief security officers, who operate in total secrecy to help you avoid the next Sony fiasco.

Mattijs Kropholler

Managing Partner Maes & Lunau Executive Search



Het Financieele Dagblad published an interesting article on 2 February 2015, on page 15, that provides some interesting background to the trend we are describing.
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