Das Volksempfinden? Exit!



Das Volksempfinden? Exit!

Blog, 22 June 2016

In 1934, the reaction of a group of anxious citizens to the National Socialists led to the creation of new legislation. Das gesundes Volksempfinden. For the very first time, a message that appealed to people’s gut feeling was communicated to the masses using new technology.

Current omnichannel communication has seen the selective perception of narrow-minded thinkers turn into the mass hysteria of an entire nation. After Brexit, it will be difficult to stave off the next European crisis.

Personal feelings spread like a harmful virus through the boundless world of digital exchange. Unrestricted by the chastening effect of reflection, everyone believes they are right and that their dissatisfaction should be acknowledged.

Strong leaders give those around them food for thought, so that they first ask themselves whether they are right or whether it just feels that way. This reflection creates a meaningful exchange of opinions and ideas that lead to wise decisions.

By formulating critical questions or looking at things from a slightly different point of view, you will have conversations with purpose. That’s why the consultants from Maes & Lunau like to challenge the deep-rooted convictions of our candidates and clients alike.

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