Disruption or a good night's sleep?



Disruption or a good night's sleep?

Blog, Amsterdam, 22 March 2016

What Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump and Pim Fortuyn have in common is that they have constantly wrong-footed the establishment with their firm views and beliefs. Their complete game change has proved unbelievably successful, whatever one might think of their vision or purpose. Others, who play the game by the old rules, remain behind toothless and speechless in the face of such unconventional dealings.

Apply this to the corporate world and you will see how established names can just disappear. Entire chains are collapsing, dragging a multitude of businesses down with them. A recent example is Zalando and Bol.com versus V&D. Or what about Uber versus “normal” taxi services or Booking.com and Airbnb that have drastically changed the face of the hotel business. I think that the disruptors are sleeping well. The “disrupted”, however, are having sleepless nights because they have to find ways to stay relevant.

Imagine that insurers, the best hospitals and the manufacturers of medical equipment joined forces to innovate and concentrated on the health of patients, resulting in a streamlined financial-economic model; the healthcare market would then be so much cheaper, quicker and more patient-friendly. This is perhaps a development that should keep the managers of traditional healthcare institutions awake at night...

Everyone wants change but hardly anyone wants to change themselves. Maes & Lunau thinks that placing the right people in the right places and contexts is a specialist job, and that knowledge, skills, dedication and intuition (in that order) will continue to make the difference.

Sleep well?

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