A drone above Panama



A drone above Panama

Blog, 25 April 2016

It is great that a charitable organisation can avoid paying taxes via a legal route in countries that have a corrupt government and parliament. This enables them to help underprivileged people without wasting any money. It is a real shame that they are now being equated with thieves and criminals. And there is no need for that at all.

In order to gain insight into the secret files of a white-collar stronghold, you need criminal hackers who have no problem throwing all the information out onto the street while the result of their work is in some respects very relevant for the integrity of the public administration.

The use of drones is also two-sided. A drone can be used to save lives but it can also be used as a weapon that destroys the lives of innocent people.

A drone has a bird’s-eye view and can expose a lot from the third dimension. Cybercriminals can unmask hypocritical leaders. “Big Brother is watching you” from a supersonic drone that hears, reads and translates all languages throughout the world thanks to a perfect infrared camera and advanced tapping equipment.

Don't we live in exciting times?

If everything and everyone is visible and audible, there is nothing to hide or deceive. Perhaps one day it will be possible for us to communicate completely telepathically and transparently - then we won't need the technology of hacking and tapping to stay on the right path! But that would also be a shame for our profession because the trick of Maes & Lunau is precisely to see through the façades of people and organisations.

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