Letting someone go is not difficult



Letting someone go is not difficult

Blog, 25 February 2015

The main objective of the new labour laws is not so much to make things easier or less expensive than they were, but in our view to lessen the burden on the legal system.

Letting go of employees is always unpleasant because of the emotional aspect. From a legal standpoint, however, letting someone go is not difficult – it never has been – as long as there is a well-kept record of personnel files, fact-based assessments and detailed reports of performance reviews.

However, providing clarity and substantiating what is working and what is not in terms of employee performance can often prove extremely difficult in practice. Many HR directors and in particular business managers have average to poor communication skills, which, unsurprisingly, makes it very hard to let someone go.

Maes & Lunau believes that lead managers who complain about the entrepreneurial climate in the Netherlands in terms of the laws covering dismissal are not suited to their jobs.

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