Reaching the top



Reaching the top

Blog, 23 July 2015

The Tour de France bicycle race can be compared to a professional career. There are contenders that are tipped as sure-fire winners, until one of them goes too wide on a bend, gets accidentally hit and ends up going over the railing. A bit of bad luck can make that guaranteed winner fall, and send them back to the anonymity of the group or even worse: home. If you want to finish in the top 10, not only do you have to pedal long and hard, you have to be lucky too. It might be safer and less exhausting to ride with the group, but that’s not exciting.

An innovative and pioneering new CEO may end up suddenly being viewed as the bad guy within a matter of weeks, even without all the facts being known. A young business manager may be extremely talented and promising, but if they’re so full of their own capabilities that their behaviour towards others becomes unacceptable, it’s game over, say goodbye to the top.

We’ve all seen examples of managers that rose high and fell hard. A banana peel on your path can have disastrous consequences. Managing a good career is not just about great strategic insight, being very alert and controlling your impulses; it’s also about proceeding courageously and enduring.

Maes & Lunau recognises the characteristics of a winner and continues to strive to find the best person for the right position in the organisation.

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