Shaken, not stirred!



Shaken, not stirred!

Blog, 29 October 2015

Now that it appears that even Beckenbauer may have been involved in paying backhanders in his quest for world domination, that Deutsche Bank, Volkswagen and other iconic companies have swiftly destroyed the reputation of German respectability, and that in France they're literally wrestling with HR directors, we in the Netherlands find ourselves faced with dubious real-estate operators and demolition firm owners.

Thankfully, we have James Bond fighting the conspiring evildoers in a fictional world that probably isn't that far removed from the corrupt reality. And yet even he appears to be a mere salesman for Heineken, Land Rover and Omega, who in turn are seeking world domination. At least they're doing it more or less openly. Now it's just a matter of crossing our fingers and hoping that we aren't rudely awakened from our dream by some admission that prevents us from continuing to believe in 007. Maybe then things will turn out all right after all...!?

Another option is to keep scrutinising backgrounds, circumstances and experiences, and to keep taking the principle of transparency seriously and acting accordingly. It will never be possible to prevent excesses, but we at Maes & Lunau believe that dedicating time to deliberation and appointing the right candidates will go a long way towards ensuring the resilience of an organisation’s respectability and reliability.

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