Spring Fever?



Spring Fever?

Blog, 19 May 2015

A new spring, a new sound! There’s a glimmer of hope on the horizon for the Dutch business community. Has this sense of optimism been triggered by the sun shining a little more, the drop in oil prices and the relatively cheap euro? Is this a real, structural recovery or is everyone still expecting marginal growth rates?

Years of low gross margins have caused many firms to be very cautious. There’s little to no room for experimentation. If job candidates have a proven track record of successfully tackling similar challenges, they are taken on, but preferably not at a higher salary.

Another development is that in certain circumstances, many experienced corporate managers are less demanding in terms of their pay. Factors such as ‘doing fulfilling work’ and ‘making a contribution that is relevant to society’ appear to count for more now, particularly among candidates who have a choice. This in turn clashes with the need for stability among companies that are afraid to offer newly recruited managers freedom and want them to replicate what they did in their previous job.
Candidates for positions with a WNT-2 salary cap (cap on top salaries in the public and semi-public sector) are an exception to this, as the capped salaries appear way too low in relation to the required competencies.

In short, this is a complex market characterised by the different dimensions of supply and demand. Maes & Lunau is very much in its element dealing with these fascinating issues.

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