The super rich, democracy and villains



The super rich, democracy and villains

Blog, 15 December 2015

The very richest entrepreneurs, such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Mark Zuckerberg, have long observed that democratic forms of government do not deliver quick and effective solutions to many world problems. But they don't have a better alternative. Or do they? Within their own organisations, these super-entrepreneurs are also known as ‘enlightened despots’. They steer a clear course and achieve their goals, and sometimes staff get a say in things, but often they don't.

In their capacity as enlightened despots, they aim to tackle the nigh on insurmountable problems that exist in terms of medicine, food or education through a foundation or some other vehicle. The villains at Fifa, the real estate wretches, and the swindlers fiddling expense claims in the democratic system are also trying to get rich, but they just don't compare to the super-entrepreneurs, certainly not when it comes to the way in which these entrepreneurs are doing their utmost to make the world a better place.

Nobody knows how many villains are wandering around in the organisations of the super-rich – hopefully it's a manageable number. Maybe enlightened despots aren't such a bad thing. Maes & Lunau believes that thorough assessment, pointed analyses and honest feedback are essential to render the motives, morality and abilities of (senior) management transparent.

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