Energy & Utilities

The energy transition is in full swing. Traditional energy companies will have to make an accelerated transition from fossil to renewable energy sources in order to survive. Existing coal and gas plants weigh heavily on the balance sheet, though. The decentralised generation of renewable energy is the future; thanks to the development of smart grids, consumers are also increasingly becoming energy producers. At the same time, fossil fuels - particularly gas, which is cheap and relatively clean - are expected to remain relevant for some time. Maes & Lunau has operated in the energy world for decades and understands the kind of expertise needed to successfully get through the energy transition.

Some examples of completed assignments in this sector:


Well-known knowledge institute. Research covers the entire watercycle, both nationally and internationally

HR Director

Dutch energy company

Project Director

Heat supplier for energy use

General Manager

Membership organization Dutch utility market

Chief Procurement Officer

Major supplier of green energy

Chief Executive Officer

Waste energy company

Chief Executive Officer

Radioactive waste storage

Director Strategic Planning & Innovation

Dutch energy company

Director Nuclear Operations

Nuclear plant

General Manager Oil & Gas, The Netherlands

Multinational in Oil & Gas