Technology & Telecommunications

Telecommunications have become an increasingly integral part of information technology. As such, as a separate sector, telecommunications may seem less relevant than before, but actually that very integration has seen telecommunications increasingly become a basic necessity of life. Driven by the continuing exponential growth in computing power, advancing technology now allows ever-greater complexity. The high-tech world is steadily becoming a super-specialised sector, in which only the very best are still developing and innovating. Managing these highly-qualified professionals requires specific skills. Maes & Lunau sources candidates who are able to hold their own in this dynamic world.

Some examples of completed assignments in this sector:

Data Protection Officer/Head of HR Privacy Office

Global technology company, industry leader

Global Head of People Development

Global Technology company, industry leader


Organisation in HR cloud solutions

Program Director Change Management

Dutch Telecom operator

Global Talent & Management Development Director

IC Technology Machine Manufacturer

Sales Director

SaaS/Cloud company

Vice President HR Operations

Global Semiconductor Manufacturer