What we do

Beyond the obvious: look further

The most obvious solution is not always the best, not by a long shot. On the contrary in fact: it pays to look further. And that’s exactly what Maes & Lunau does. We look further than someone's CV and background – the classic search method. We prefer to look at someone's personality and, in particular, what drives them: what do they want to achieve? Of course, we also look at their skills, energy and ambition, as we’ve learnt that these factors are often at least as important in predicting the degree of success in the candidate’s subsequent position. Our many years of experience and our authenticity ensure we look further. We dare to be critical, we never shy away from incisive interview techniques and we don’t take what someone says at face value. The easy solution is not for us. Especially in this market, where there is strong competition for top candidates. It pays to look beyond the obvious.

Insights in Search: insight into people, the process and the business

In the current market, top candidates can call the shots; a development that will be increasingly felt in the future. As such, it’s even more important for ambitious organisations to differentiate themselves from the competition to attract the very best candidate. The in-depth conversations we have with candidates generate all kinds of impressions and usable information about our customers, about the competition and about what’s happening in the market. With our report Insights in Search, we offer our clients insight into what our candidates think about you. What do they think of your organisation? What do they think about the position? What is their take on the recruitment process? What is the competition up to? And: what kinds of interesting insight do other companies offer? We’re happy to share this feedback with you and offer you insight into our search for the ideal candidate. A very close relationship with our clients ensures that we find the ideal solution together. This insight and feedback will help you further and ensure you are able to achieve your objectives with the best new people .


Executive search

With the current situation as it is, top talents can pick and choose. Since as far back as 1978, Maes & Lunau has been successfully sourcing scarce top talents in both the not-for-profit and business sectors and introducing them to ambitious organisations. With our years of knowledge and experience, we have built up an excellent track record in numerous sectors. Candidates and clients value our careful, substantive approach, our transparency and our dedication.


Executive assessments

You can never be one 100% certain. Nevertheless, it’s still possible to predict the likelihood of a top candidate succeeding. That begins with our own astute observations, based on years of knowledge and experience. We also work with partners specialised in the field of executive assessments, each with their own expertise. We always select the assessor who is most suited to your organisation and adds the most value. We, ourselves, are certified for the Hogan Lead assessment and MRG Leadership assessments.


Executive coaching

A good coach adds value, prevents problems and helps people and organisations progress. However, at a time when the number of coaches is still growing, it is often hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. Maes & Lunau will support you in finding the most appropriate coach for any project imaginable.



With the difference between successful business people and successful top candidates becoming smaller and smaller, remuneration policy these days can make or break an ambitious organisation. Increasingly, top candidates are consciously opting for organisations that are enjoying the right growth, based on a solid incentive plan. You can call on Maes & Lunau for sound advice on who can help you find the most appropriate remuneration system for executives.



Interim management

In a time when diversity is becoming an ever-greater priority and the form of contract is less and less relevant for the relationship between candidate and client, top talents are increasingly open to temporary assignments. Within our network, we can draw on a vast reservoir of highly qualified professionals, even for interim assignments. We can also put you in contact with agencies that specialise in your market.



A thorough induction programme, attention to cultural awareness, a considered 100-day plan: a proper introduction to the organisation is extremely important for the future success of any new candidate. Maes & Lunau advises organisations on an effective onboarding strategy. That way, we ensure top candidates get off to a good start and perform at their best.  


Labour Law / Dismissal

Maes & Lunau has a great deal of experience with not only attracting top candidates, but also with the sensitive supervision and settlement of labour disputes and employment contracts. Razor-sharp legal advice is essential, especially with labour and dismissal laws becoming increasingly complex. Specialists we know and with whom we have worked will support you with tailored advice on exit negotiations, mediation, a social plan, reorganisations and whatever else you need for a clean break.