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Course supervisors

Course for supervisors and supervisory directors

It is difficult to recognise unconscious bias in yourself. Circumstances can easily influence your authentic behaviour. This can have disastrous consequences for supervisors. Diversity in the boardroom is increasing. How do you manage this and stay true to yourself?

To address this issue, Maes & Lunau has developed a course together with Avicenna which introduces a very diverse team of 15 (aspiring but also experienced) supervisors to operational monitoring on all themes, but based on your own consistent authentic behaviour in relation to the others in the team.

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Participants are selected for each course according to 6 different criteria:

  • Age by course varying from 35 to 60 (+/-)
  • Cultural background
  • Male and female
  • Personality
  • Profit and not-for-profit
  • Experienced / not experienced as a supervisor

A select group of top teacher, a thorough personality analysis beforehand, a moderator / coach who analyses and evaluates individual and group behaviour. The first information day is scheduled for 1 July. The course starts on 19 November. Five two-day sessions until the end of June 2021.

The fruit it bears: good insight in your performance in a diverse team and up-to-date knowledge for responsible monitoring.

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