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2 new MT members for Procurement and Planning at ACCELL Group

ACCELL Group designs simple and smart solutions to give its customers a fantastic cycling experience. It is the European market leader in e-bikes and second largest in bicycle parts and accessories. ACCELL has numerous leading European bicycle brands under one roof. These brands were built by pioneers for whom the best was simply not good enough. They still embody the entrepreneurial spirit of those family businesses to this day – in terms of how they work and how they do business. They keep pushing boundaries to create the most modern, high-quality, high-performance products through the continuous exchange of knowhow and craftsmanship. Well-known bicycle brands in the ACCELL Group portfolio include Haibike, Winora, Ghost, Batavus, Koga, Lapierre, Raleigh, Sparta, Babboe and Carqon. XLC is the brand for bicycle parts and accessories. ACCELL Group employs approximately 3,400 people across 18 countries. 96% of the bicycles sold are produced at ACCELL’s own production sites. Its bikes and related products are sold to dealers and consumers in more than 80 countries. In 2019, ACCELL sold around 943,000 bicycles and recorded a turnover in excess of €1.1 billion.

During the last five years, ACCELL Group transformed the organisation from a typical holding structure into a group structure with a number of centralised departments in order to focus on costs-savings, efficiency in processes and structures, and building a corporate ACCELL culture.

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Johan Peters, Group Procurement Director
Over the last five years ACCELL has invested heavily in the professional level of the group procurement department and now has a trusted and valuable position within the Group. The team is balanced with experienced (category) buyers who have extensive knowledge of the biking industry and of people from outside the industry. The coming years it will be important to make the next step in professional level. After realizing procurement savings at supplier level, it is now the time to reduce costs by running new creative projects in close cooperation with suppliers. Examples are VMI (vendor management inventory) projects, collaborative planning and the use of recycled boxes instead of plastic packaging.

Johan Peters will be in charge of this as of 1 February. Johan has had a long career at KLM Air France in such roles as Maintenance Manager, Buyer, General Customer Services Manager and in recent years as Component Services Purchasing Director at Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance. Johan has broad (component) procurement experience combined with customer service expertise. He is used to building bridges between departments; understands planning, manufacturing, innovation and commercial processes well; knows how to build partnerships with suppliers; has gained procurement expertise in Asia and US. Johan is particularly interested in ACCELL because of the growth and the opportunity to make the next step in professionalising the procurement department. He wants to play an important role in bringing the group departments to the next level. He can definitely add value in the optimisation of processes throughout the company and can bring his expertise to the table towards suppliers (building partnerships).

Jon San Andres, Group Planning Director
ACCELL recently decided to split the combined manufacturing and planning director’s role into two roles (group manufacturing director and group planning director) reporting to the chief supply chain officer, Jeroen Both. The main reason was that the combination of roles was too time-consuming for one person because of the company’s growth. Another important reason for splitting the role is that the planning department needs extra attention to bring it to the next professional level.

This new role will be filled by Jon San Andres as off May 1, 2021 Jon has already been employed at Bridgestone for over 20 years. Jon is an experienced leader and is a seasoned planning professional; knows all sides of the coin; project management, implementing planning systems, MSOP planning, production planning; is someone who can bring in-depth experience to the ACCELL table. He feels that this could be the moment to make use of his experience in a new environment. Jon now travels regularly from his home in Bilbao, Spain, to Brussels, where he is the director of the Supply Chain Planning Centre of Excellence for Bridgestone EMIA. His new challenge at ACCELL will also mean regular travel between all the ACCELL locations in Europe as well as to the head office in Heerenveen.

We wish both Johan and Jon and the ACCELL Group a very fruitful collaboration.

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