E-commerce & E-business

Thanks to technology, the whole world is now within reach, which means companies can achieve enormous scale benefits. Entirely digital business propositions as offered by businesses such as booking.com, Uber and many other fintech companies seem to be the future. Entire business sectors are at risk of becoming less relevant from one day to the next. Competition arrives fast from unexpected corners and this is forcing companies to take a critical look at their business proposition and decide on rapid action and investments. More and more sectors are experimenting with the combination of the traditional sales channel and e-commerce. Everything depends on the efficiency of the logistics chain and achieving as high a conversion rate of website visits as possible. Maes & Lunau has a solid track record in both the digital world and the traditional sectors that are switching to digital.

Some examples of completed assignments in this sector:

Chief Digital Innovation Officer

Top 3 employment agency in the Netherlands

Chief Technology Officer

Educational Services

Director E-commerce

Retail/Franchise organisation

Global Recruitment Director

Global E-Business company

EMEA Customer Services Director

Global E-Business company

Director E-business

Car Lease Company