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Ashima Sharma

“Executive search is not just a search, it requires strategic thinking, planning and efforts in finding the right resource” says Ashima Sharma, who came to the Netherlands with her partner from India during 2018. She started with Dutch lessons and obtained her first certificates. She joined the Dutch executive search firm in 2022.

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Ashima comes from the north of India where she studied and worked for academic, retail and nonprofit organisations.  At Maes & Lunau she works as a Research Analyst. Her main focus lies with the database and she supports the research team with carrying out various searches. She ensures data quality and does data analyses for the purpose of finding possible candidates for current searches.

“The Netherlands is a small country compared to India, but culturally very rich and very internationally oriented. I like it very much.” Ashima wants to use her potential as best as she can to become a good researcher and later perhaps become active in executive search herself.