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Bastiaan Nap

“Entrepreneurial” is a word that suits Bastiaan Nap perfectly. During his Business Administration MER studies and Master Entrepreneurship, he learned to think strategically. That quality is now well reflected in his role as a research consultant at Maes & Lunau.


Energetic, decisive, and socially adept
Energetic, result-oriented, and socially skilled are three words that well describe Bastiaan. He quickly establishes connections with people and conducts business conversations in a relaxed manner. Bastiaan says, “I enjoy working hard and with a clear purpose. In addition to my master’s, I worked 25 hours a week in the executive search field. If it’s necessary to step up the pace, I’m always eager to do so.”

“I find it interesting to look beyond the resume. For a successful placement, you need to consider many more aspects: personality, future goals, etc.”

Looking beyond the resume
“Bastiaan quickly realized that working with top professionals at the executive level suits him well. “The professionals we interact with at Maes & Lunau all have such impressive resumes that it’s crucial to look beyond. It’s about the individual. I find it interesting to understand the type of person in front of me, whether they fit with the client, what their ambitions are, etc. This way, we find a candidate who fits in every aspect.”

Sporty Groninger
Furthermore, Bastiaan is a born Groninger who has been living in the Leiden region since he was thirteen. He cherishes his love for FC Groningen. Apart from watching football, he enjoys Formula 1, winter sports, and golf.