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Inte Koopman

“Optimistic, driven, and solution-oriented.” That’s how Inte Koopman, research consultant at Maes & Lunau, describes herself. During her studies, she already held board positions and pushed herself to the limit as a top athlete on the water. Now, she uses her drive and solution-oriented mindset to find the best candidate for every search request.


At a young age, board work appealed to Inte. During her Educational Sciences studies, she served as the competition commissioner for the rowing association and was part of the board of the sailing club. “This allows me to understand the daily tasks of a board member, I have learned to communicate clearly, and I know how to deal with a wide variety of people. Also at Maes & Lunau, I am always in the middle of a team and find it important to keep everyone involved.”

Considering multiple perspectives
As an educational scientist, Inte learned to look at a problem from multiple perspectives and not fixate on one solution. “This way, you can always arrive at the most suitable candidate in several ways. It is important for me not to cling to one image of the perfect candidate. I want to consider multiple perspectives, backgrounds, or types of people. This is how we find the candidate who fits well with the client.”

“I find it important to always consider multiple types of people, backgrounds, and perspectives. This way, we find the right candidate.”

Continuously seeking growth
When not working, Inte is still often found on the water. She is still the head instructor at a sailing school and has rowed at a high level her entire life. In addition, she engages in sailing and windsurfing. Nowadays, she guides and coordinates sailing instructors and is responsible for the sailing school’s curriculum.

In this regard, Inte recognizes a common thread in everything she does. “I like to focus on how people can improve themselves. As a top athlete, I was constantly developing myself. As an instructor, I helped others get better. Now, as a Research Consultant, I help professionals and organizations to further grow.”