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Madelief Kremer - Research Consultant

Hard recruitment doesn’t appeal to me so much, but executive search does. At Maes & Lunau you work as a researcher, searching together with the consultants for potential candidates for a vacancy. Once you have a very clear idea of what the client wants, you start looking. We focus on C-level candidates. As a research consultant, you then really get into action. When I approach candidates, I look for what drives them. That is very inspiring and is one of the best parts of my job.


The variety in my work also makes it interesting: in the morning you might speak to a CEO, in the afternoon to a CFO. One moment you are immersed in a profit and the next moment in a non-profit organisation. That difference is also reflected in the personalities of the candidates. For example, one moment you have a very enthusiastic and interactive candidate, and the next a rational and cautious one. No two interviews are the same.

I myself am a people person, with a degree in organisational psychology. After my studies, I gave a lot of thought to the job that would suit me best. I find the various aspects of business life very interesting. Through this work, I get to experience a lot of that. At the same time, I keep busy with psychology. In this way, I not only learn about others, but also about myself: through the contact with candidates you are constantly busy with your own communication skills and interview techniques.

With colleagues we often discuss our work and give each other feedback. I am constantly trying to improve. After all, I am a perfectionist.