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Ed den Ouden

Ed den Ouden is one of the most experienced research consultants at Maes & Lunau. He has built an extensive track record as an HR manager at companies such as Nestlé, ASM Europe, Unilever, Joop van den Ende TV Productions, OLVG, and SITA/Equant. Subsequently, he transitioned to executive search and founded his own company, where he, along with professional consultants, filled dozens of management positions.


This brought him to Maes & Lunau, where he, along with the consultants, searches for suitable candidates for clients. “The service-oriented nature of this work is in my genes,” says Ed. “We are a crucial link in the process. In that regard, it’s a team effort, much like rowing, which I enjoy doing in my free time in an Eight. In rowing, as in our work, the result is the sum of its parts.” Ed explains that when searching for the right candidates for a position, it’s like funneling. “You start very broad, and by continually adjusting yourself, you ensure that the right ingredients of the assignment remain. I believe it’s important that a candidate goes through the right steep learning curve. This involves both the learning process and taking the right steps in work experience.”

As an experienced researcher, Ed is accustomed to approaching candidates for top positions. “Because when you call those top professionals in the Netherlands, you really need to have a good story and be a conversational partner.” He sees the rejuvenation of the research team at M&L as a positive development. “It brings more cross-pollination and interaction. The younger generation collaborates more on assignments. It brings a different dynamic, and that’s good.”