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Tristan Jonkers

Broad experience. Passionate about executive search and leadership. Always looking at the market with a unique perspective. All of this characterizes Tristan Jonkers, Research Consultant at Maes & Lunau. He loves working with people, delivering quality, and, most importantly, finding the best possible candidate for every client. That’s what it ultimately comes down to.

Tristan’s unique perspective on the market is a result of his background. He pursued a study in HR, with various specializations and minor subjects in the areas of leadership and governance. His primary mission? Finding distinctive candidates for clients and thereby contributing to both the organization and society.

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Exceeding Expectations

Tristan grew up in Groningen but traded the northern part of the country for Utrecht. Personal development and delivering top performances as a team are at the top of his priority list. He doesn’t have to think long about what he enjoys most about his work.

In his role as a research consultant at Maes & Lunau, he comes into contact daily with the crème de la crème of the Dutch leadership. He finds that very inspiring. “We have a very diverse team with different ages, an open culture, and each with its own background. This allows us, as an executive search firm, to make a truly valuable contribution. Engaging in diverse conversations at a leadership level is unpredictable, maintaining a broad perspective. This inspires you to present a wide range, including unconventional candidates, to create the perfect match. Being expertly distinctive, that’s Executive Search for me.”

“By finding distinctive candidates, we can make a significant contribution to both the organization and society.”

Experience across various sectors

Tristan has a broad background. Even during his studies, he was quite active. At that time, he served as an assistant supermarket manager for Albert Heijn, Gall & Gall, and Etos. Additionally, he worked as a professional in the financial world, providing him with broad knowledge of organizations and insights into various sectors.

He now applies that knowledge daily as a research consultant to achieve the perfect match for organizations. And when he’s not working, he enjoys being active on the hockey field.