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Michiel van Donselaar

After a twenty-year career in various sectors of the business world, combining commercial roles with leadership positions, Michiel van Donselaar joined Maes & Lunau in 2017. “Here, I can combine the knowledge and experience of very different companies, diverse strategies, objectives, and people.” In his case, this involves combining financial and professional services with the broad non-profit sector, such as not-for-profit & government, and education & housing associations.

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The combination provides added value and is highly intriguing for Michiel. Professionalization, business focus, digitalization, and social entrepreneurship are recurring topics in various sectors. Due to the varied assignments in the market and semi-public domains, Michiel never feels like he’s on autopilot. On the contrary, each time, he refocuses on his assignment. “The conversations with clients are very constructive. They are serious about developing their organization. The beauty of this is the very open communication. Trust in making it a success quickly develops. I seek the answer to how we can make optimal combinations for our clients. I get a kick out of that, it’s necessary. You can’t slack off in this profession. You always have to deliver quality. That ensures clients come back.”

Michiel, who values principles such as responsibility, thoroughness, and the power of diversity, believes that executive search is not a profession for timid individuals. “No, being reserved doesn’t work. Clients and candidates want to hear what I think. They rely on my professionalism, advice, and judgment, which also involve critical conversations. I stick to the right intention and tone of the conversation; humor and perspective help with that, improving every collaboration and being appreciated.”