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Harry van de Kraats

Harry’s main characteristics are connecting capacity, enthusiasm and creativity. He combines these qualities with an excellent analytical ability and a keen eye for the quality and potential of people. His long experience with diversity of teams makes him an excellent sounding board in the process of forming them. For many years, he has worked energetically on improving the quality of employment, focusing on diversity in companies, including people with a disability.

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Harry held HR management positions at Unilever, was a commercial director at Wolters Kluwer in the Netherlands, was a member of the Executive Board of TomTom and a member of the Group Council of the Dutch Railways. Prior to joining Maes & Lunau, Harry was managing director of AWVN and director of social affairs of VNO-NCW (Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers) and Royal Association MKB-Nederland. In that capacity, he was also a member of the board of Stichting van de Arbeid. Harry also fills several other positions, including chair of the Supervisory Board of Human Total Care (including ArboNed), he is chair of the Advisory Council for Diversity in Business and he is a member of the Advisory Council of the Netherlands Institute for Human Rights. In these positions Harry has gained broad experience in complex working environments and good insight into the political and economic dynamics in which organisations operate. This makes him a valuable partner for supervisors, directors and managers in Dutch industry and in public services.