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Harry van de Kraats

In his current role as a partner at Maes & Lunau, everything comes together for Harry van de Kraats: his extensive knowledge of companies, his numerous board and ancillary functions, and the vast network he has built through his diverse career. Harry has served as HR director for companies such as Unilever, TomTom, and NS, as well as the CEO of AWVN and the director of social affairs at VNO-NCW and MKB Nederland. Additionally, through his roles as chairman of the supervisory board of Human Total Care (including ArboNed), member of the supervisory board of the Jan Snel Group, chairman of the advisory board of Diversity in Business, and member of the Advisory Board of the College for Human Rights, he has gained valuable insights into the political and economic landscape in which organizations must operate.

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Harry is convinced that companies should naturally make a profit, but at the same time, he emphasizes that their societal role or contribution is becoming increasingly important. He envisions more servant leadership, giving employees more freedom within certain boundaries to develop themselves, and increasing diversity in the organization and the boardroom. “More diversity in a company leads to more creativity. Different perspectives are crucial.” In his role at Maes & Lunau, he sees it as his mission to coach and develop candidates on these themes and, together with clients, to explore the optimal composition of their team.

Against the backdrop of these societal developments, Harry is a valuable partner for supervisors, executives, and managers in both the business and public service sectors. Based on his creativity and his motivation to stay ahead of technological and societal developments, he can also develop new concepts in the markets served by Maes & Lunau. In this context, he is particularly involved with companies with technological advantages that can add both economic and societal value. He also has an affinity for sectors such as public transportation, logistics, and manufacturing. “In general, the labor market is becoming increasingly international. The Dutch excel in this. They are entrepreneurial, articulate, and know how to seize opportunities. It is very enjoyable and motivating to contribute to that.”