Snails and stampedes



Snails and stampedes

Blog, 19 November 2015

Policy and debate on, and research into, the shocking number of women in management and supervisory positions do not detract from the fact that ultimately only demographic development coupled with several other social factors will ensure a balance in the number of men and women in the boardroom.

Constantly highlighting the fact that this process is still incomplete and trying to forcibly change things (i.e. the quota) risk suddenly turning the natural course of events, which are proceeding at a snail's pace for understandable reasons, into a stampede. This might mean we end up with a fair proportion of female board members, but that they lack the necessary clout.

Given that we already have some shining examples of high-quality women in senior boardroom positions, it's surely only a matter of time before the balance is redressed, albeit not as quickly as policymakers would like, intent as they are on public successes. It would be better to have these women serve even more prominently as role models, to portray them positively in the news more often than is currently the case, and not just harp on about the timing.

45% of positions with a salary of €140,000+ filled by our firm are already held by women. Nevertheless, Maes & Lunau continues to be critical in terms of knowledge and skills, and pays attention to everyone's abilities when it comes to putting forward the best candidate for a job. We're not just out for short-term successes.

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