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Eugenie van Leusen

For over 25 years, Eugenie van Leusen has been active in executive search, with the last 15 years in leadership positions within the public domain. As a partner at Maes & Lunau, she selects the most suitable executive professionals for roles such as supervisory boards and executive boards. “Leaders with a heart for both the cause and the people help organizations move forward and form the basis for good healthcare and education.”

“I find it rewarding to find someone who fits well with the organization and for whom people enjoy working,” says Eugenie van Leusen. The healthcare sector and secondary and higher (professional) education are particularly the sectors where Eugenie enjoys working and where she has a large network.

Eugenie continues: “In selection processes within the public domain, often many people participate in discussions and decision-making. There must be sufficient support within the organization during the process or you can lose a good candidate if you are not alert to disruptions. Knowing what is happening, listen well, and being there for both the candidate and the client help prevent this.”


Large network in the public sector
What appeals to Eugenie in this sector specifically? “By seeking a suitable candidate through which the organization can undergo the transition, possessing the leadership they seek, and thereby delivering good education or healthcare, I hope to help make a real difference.”
Eugenie brings a large network in the public domain herself, but also likes to draw from the network of her Maes & Lunau colleagues. “I enjoy working collaboratively in a team, and at Maes & Lunau, I work with colleagues who share the same positive mindset and dedication on assignments. The fact that there is also room for relaxation and laughter is something that greatly appeals to me.”

“Leaders with a heart for both the cause and the people help organizations move forward and form the basis for good healthcare and good education.”

The value of Diversity

Eugenie believes in the added value of diverse teams and considers contributing to diversity an important part of her work. Over the years, she has paid a lot of attention to diversity in the preselection of suitable candidates, initially focusing on gender diversity but later also including cultural and generational diversity. With her membership in SER Topvrouwen, she aims to further shape and give substance to this commitment.

Eugenie’s vision aligns well with that of Maes & Lunau. Like the company, she believes in looking at the person, not just the paper. Eugenie explains, “Someone’s previous experience is not necessarily a good predictor of their success in the future. Especially now, in a rapidly changing time, a person’s personality and motivations are valuable factors to consider in the selection process. By weighing a person’s potential with the right support within an organization, they are more likely to succeed. Having meaningful conversations about this with my clients is interesting and energizing.”