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Teunis de Haas

Teunis de Haas emphasizes the need for a different tone of voice in the non-profit sector. As a highly experienced consultant and partner at Maes & Lunau, he is a prominent headhunter in the realms of not-for-profit & government, education & housing associations, healthcare, culture, and recreation. “It starts with being well-informed, knowing what’s going on. I am genuinely interested in what happens in this sector. I am driven to find candidates who can truly make a difference for societal organizations,” expresses Teunis, underlining his commitment to locating capable individuals who can genuinely advance the goals of social organizations.


“I have tremendous respect for the managers of public organizations. I know how hard they work, sometimes putting in 90 to 100 hours per week during the COVID-19 crisis to address the challenges. I believe I convey a deep respect for the individuals leading these organizations. However, I don’t shy away from expressing my opinion. If I’m critical of a candidate, I avoid trying to sell them to a client. I am sharp in my judgment, and I communicate that directly. This honesty is appreciated. After so many years, I also trust my intuition. Transparency is crucial. Since I share many laughs with my clients, they can handle my message because they sense it’s not personal. I’ve been working with some parties for ten years.

As a consultant, I am the face for the client. What happens behind me at Maes & Lunau may not be so visible, but it is incredibly essential and often underestimated. Ultimately, the headhunter is only as good as their agency. What I find beautiful about this profession is the diversity. I work for very different organizations, large and small, well-known and less known. You meet fascinating people, and as a headhunter, you can truly make a difference. There are significant institutions that were in a deep crisis, and I have had a real impact through the appointed executive. It’s a challenge to work for a client where there is internal division. Unrealistic expectations may arise. Some clients want to interview candidates quickly, but sometimes it can’t be rushed. You must not hasten. Professionalism is crucial in those situations.”