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Mattijs Kropholler

Judgment, empathy and the ability to give honest feedback. These skills make Mattijs a reliable and committed partner for many clients. He is a senior discussion partner for Supervisory Boards, CEOs and management teams. He draws on a wealth of experience and has innovating and sometimes challenging insights. Candidates are interviewed sympathetically but in depth and often leave with ‘food for thought’ or suggestions which will help them further. The combination of helping an organisation move forward and giving the individual honest, sometimes harsh feedback for further growth and development is what has driven and energised him for many years.

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Mattijs has a solid background in HR and business management. Mattijs started out at Philips – which became |Philips telecommunications, which transformed into an AT&T organisation – then entrepreneurship in a joint venture with AT&T, and an engineering consultancy. He had his own business in that same discipline and was then CHRO at BSP/Origin, now Atos, and before embarking on his executive search career he was CHRO at Getronics prior to its acquisition by KPN. Until his switch to executive search, in 2003 Mattijs worked for this listed globally operating IT service provider, which had a 30,000 strong workforce at its peak. As Executive Vice President Human Resources, he managed the continuous organisational changes in this organisation, thereby acquiring extensive experience in a range of sectors. Mattijs feels at home in various sectors, including the construction industry, Industry & Automotive, Technology & Telecommunication, E-commerce & E-business, as well as Retail.