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Mattijs Kropholler

Mattijs Kropholler possesses keen analytical and empathetic skills. Moreover, he is capable of providing honest feedback. This makes him a reliable and dedicated partner for numerous clients. Leveraging his extensive experience, he brings innovative and sometimes challenging insights to the table. Candidates are interviewed in a friendly yet thorough manner, often receiving valuable suggestions that genuinely propel them forward. The combination of assisting organizations in their progress and offering individuals honest, occasionally robust feedback for further growth and development has been his driving force, providing him with energy for many years.

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Mattijs has a wealth of experience in HR and business management. He has worked at notable companies such as Philips and AT&T, BSO/Origin (now Atos), and Getronics before its acquisition by KPN. As the Executive Vice President of Human Resources, he guided continuous organizational changes. In 2003, he transitioned to executive search, where he found his professional calling.

His extensive background makes him a true conversationalist and trusted advisor for boards of directors, chairpersons, and management teams. He professionally and seamlessly steers the recruitment process, not hesitating to change course if the best candidate for the job is not on the shortlist. ‘Second best’ is generally not an option for him. Mattijs is comfortable in various sectors, including construction, Industry & Automotive, Technology & Telecommunication, E-commerce & E-business, as well as Retail.