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Josephine Berger

Josephine is passionate about working with ambitious professionals. She understands that each process within executive search is unique, and this insight keeps her sharp. In her role as a research consultant, she is challenged anew each time. Her talent lies in finding the most suitable profile for Maes & Lunau’s clients.


After completing her Master’s in Persuasive Communication at the University of Amsterdam, Josephine worked for several years in the Marketing & Business Development department of an international real estate advisor. She then made the transition to executive search, a field in which she felt at home from the beginning.

“Communication is the common thread in who I am and what I stand for. Interacting with people while having an eye for business dynamics is central to me,”

Integrity and decisiveness
Josephine emphasizes the synergy between her personal values and Maes & Lunau’s corporate DNA. “Integrity and decisiveness are two qualities that I hold in high regard,” says Josephine. “Maes & Lunau is not only a respected name in the industry but is also known for its organized approach. It is a clear organization with short lines where processes are well-regulated. This makes me enjoy working here.”